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Eds Have To Be Hereditary?


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i was wondering if you could have EDS, like the classic type and not have any history of this disease in your family, could it just pop up in the middle of your life, or do you have to have symptoms of it since birth? any info would be appreciated, thanks, and i have already looked at the main EDS website,


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Guest CyberPixie

If there's no history of it in your family it could be a new mutation of the gene or it could be others in your family are just carriers of the gene and if both parents are carriers you will almost certainly have EDS.

You can also have hypermobility syndrome which gives very similar problems but isn't heriditry.

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Yeah, there was a post earlier that discussed this, and I think Nina, Michelle, and lthomas explained it pretty well. And, you know, when it does run in families, it had to start somewhere.

Here's the search I ran: "The Plot Thickens"

Hope that helps!

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