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Can't Tolerate Immunosupressants - Help

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My left side weakness has been progressing dispite IV steriods and a course of Immuran and Mercaptopur that have made me sick to my stomach.

I think the Mercaptopur has made the night time Tachy much worse. I surge all night long, and can't function if my Midodrine wears off. I stopped taking it today, and will call my immunologist on Monday to discuss.

Anyone else have problems with immune therapy? Does anyone have something that has worked well for them?

I am concerned that if I don't find an immune therapy that works, my neuropathy on my left side will progress, but each drug I try makes my tachy worse when I get sick to my stomach.

My Cadio told me the night time Tachy was not POTS, but I know a number of other have this. This is so miserable, and leaves me so weak the next day.

Any ideas would be helpful.


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