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Compression Pantyhose...again

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Hello again everyone.

I recently bought a pair of Mediven Elegance pantyhose . I was measured for them and although there was some confusion over whether Im petite or not I was assured the general size would be best for me. I have just got them in the post however and they really look awful . My legs aren't heavy but in these tights look like I've got a tight elastic band around the top of my thigh which gives the effect of a less than gorgeous bulge. It is so bad that I couldnt even wear them out with a skirt . Its extremely uncomfortale too. Is this a problem many people have experienced with supposedly well fitted tights ?

Also these thights provide no support around the tummy/waist which makes a big difference to how I feel .Has anyone else found that some compression around the stomach helps them? Has anyone discovered a brand that provides some degree of support in this area? I have had to get my local chemist to order these tights so I cannot return them . As they don't stock them they know nothing about things like what stomach support is provided in the tights. Their stockists seems just as much in the dark. They are so expensive that I cant really afford to try another pair and find they are a disaster too. I want to research my next buy a bit more carefully. Any advise would be greatfully recieved. Thank you.

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Kathy- I recently bought a pair of JOBST compression PANTYhose (they go all the way to the waist), at Tearose's suggestion. I could only find that brand. I'm still trying them out, but anything is worth a try.

The only problem I have is that every time I have to use the bathroom (often, because I drink alot), I have to wiggle back into them. :) The first time this happened, I put my finger through and got a run. Nail polish stopped it, but I have learned they are very fragile.

I would like to know has anyone tried them and found they were NOT helpful? Everyone who uses them seems to recommend them highly. This is a better solution than meds, if it can help. -Ellen

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If you are up for doing a search, there are a LOT of posts on this topic, including abdominal compression and compression hose.

My POTS doc feels that a large portion of the blood pooling issues occur in the stomach and recommends abdominal compression. I found most girdles and abdominal binders to be intolerable.

I now wear LIPO in a box....nope, not kidding! I LOVE them. (as much as you can love compression garments!). You can check out their site at www.lipoinabox.com. I have been very happy with the quality of the product. I wear the high waist brief OVER TOP of my compression PANTYHOSE!

As for compression hose...I have tried so many brands over the years and have found that the only ones that actually have compression in the waist area (most, even the JOBST, stop at the thighs, even though you are wearing a pantyhose style) are the Sigvaris brand. I buy the sheer style, but the more opaque ones are fine too--they're a bit more stretchy and softer, but I prefer the look of the sheer style. So, Sigvaris it is after much research. I love the Juzo brand, but they don't compress the belly area.

Where are you located? I love the service at www.ameswalker.com. If you call them with your measurements and what you need, they will walk you through all the different options, colors, styles, etc. I spent 45 min. on the phone once with a woman helping me find what I needed.

I can't say the hose work miracles for me, but nothing does...they are better than nothing though and I do not go a moment without them except to go to bed.

Best of luck finding the 'perfect fit'...


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Thanks a million for the replies everyone .I will order a pair of Sigvaris tomorrow Dancing Light. I have rang up several online stockists of compression tights and have had no joy finding antything with stomach support. You will probably have saved me a fortune trying different types! Thank you:) I'll try the website you reccomend. I live in Ireland but I think they have international delivery. I have considered something along the lines of lipoinabox too. I might well invest in some.... feeling better and looking more svelte would be no harm! The cycling shorts are a good idea too. I really appreciate you all going to the trouble of replying to me.

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I am so grateful I could narrow your search! I know that I invested soooo much time and energy and in the end MONEY into searching for the 'perfect' hose and finding what works...and it makes me happy to help someone not have to go through that! It's such a little thing, but soooo time consuming to find the darned hose that work for each of us. I hope so much that youwill like the Sigvaris...I will feel terrible if you don't!

BTW, I LOVE Ireland! :rolleyes: I got to travel there for 10 days on this beautiful vacation with a friend (they were very wealthy and we got to stay in old castles that were hotels and have our OWN driver!). It was an experience I will never, ever have again that is for sure! They paid for the trip, and then I studied abroad with the granddaughter for a semester in England at the Univ. of Sussex. Seeing Ireland by car like that was amazing b/c you get to wind around all the countryside and we made a loop around the country. I would love to be able to go back. Also, the drivers in your country are amazing b/c they have all that training and they are a wealth of information. I would sit in the front seat and ask a thousand questions and he knew everything! He even knew the best 'pit stops' all around the country! Oops... a bit off topic, but it's such a happy memory of a healthier timein my life.


and hoping the Sigvaris work for you....


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