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Blood Pressure meds


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My Neurolgoist said that it's possible that I may have to go on a medication to increase my blood pressure...he said that it could help with my GI and other autonomic nervous system disorders as well. They may put me on Florinef...my concern is that what if it turns to make my BP too high? has anyone had side effects with florinef or any other BP Increase med? any other meds tried that worked? any to stay clear of? any suggestions would be helpful or any advice thank you! :lol:

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I am on Florinef and ProAmitine, which both increase BP. The only side effects I have had are that my feet and ankles swell and I have had some mood problems (from the florinef). My doc said that the swelling is normal for florinef, but he said that the mood problems might have to do with something else because he had never heard of florinef causing that. The only side effect that I have had with the ProAmitine is that I get goose bumps when I take it. It kind of feels like when you have a fever and you get cold sweats. That is a common side effect with that med, but if it really bothers you then you can take it with food and you won't get that, but the med doesn't work as well if you take it with food. I was having problems with the florinef, but now my doctor has decreased my dosage ( I was on a high dose of florinef) and I am doing better with the side effects. Good luck, if your doc is suggesting it than it may be worth a shot, especially if it will make you feel better! I haven't ever had the problem with it making my BP too high (that I know of anyways), but in the literature that I have read that is a possibility.


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