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Neurological Issues & Pots


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if having neurological problems (mine are weakness and tremors) and POTS signal a progressive disease, or if it just comes and goes. I think I have had POTS for many years, but the neurological issues are new. So far all EMG's and MRI's are normal so I do not have another explaination for my issues.

Has anyone experienced relief from their neurological issues when their POTS was under control with medication?

I wonder what others have heard or experienced.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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I get facial numbness when I stand up or excersize and I shake too when I am really symptomatic and my HR is over 100 for very long at all....

I am supposed to start a beta blocker to see if that helps, but I have not started it yet. For me once I develope a new colorful addition to my pots....it is mine forever....

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