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Had Tilt Test

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So Thursday I had a Echo and a Tilt test. The echo made my chest hurt but I think that was just the funny position I was in, that front part of my chest does not like to be squished.

The tilt had been canceled the day before but then they were able to reschedule it for later in the day (I had my step mom flying in and hotels and everything...) The cardiologist ended up doing the test himself.

Upon tilt my HR went up 20+ beats per minute then settled down a bit. Over the next 15 minutes (I was of course feeling good that day) the symptoms kicked in...foggy, aches and pains, headache, legs feeling heavy and achy, dizzy, spacey. I swear if my hr hits 100 I just go foggy/out of it. Anyway after 15 minute s of slowly increasing heart rate and increasing symptoms...to the running hot/cold level the doc asked me if I thought it was going to happen soon. No, eventually it will but it would take some more time today.... So he told the nurse to give me a nitro tablet (to speed it up)...Upon the mention of that my HR went up another 20 to 120bpm, and then I got the tablet. In 2 minutes I was at 157 and then the heart rate crashed down to below 60. (the measurements were taken every 20 seconds or so and it was 60 at both and I went out between them...

Anyway, I did pass out...apparently talked about my symptoms till the end. I was never sure that I had actually been out before as I always get a few minutes warning and manage to hide...usually...The other times in public I would sit down, put my head down between my knees and sit on my hands. People would move away and stare but nothing else. Anyway, While I was out I had a little dream...I always do...Isnt that odd?? and kind of funny, too.... So they say I passed out and so that tells me I have passed out a zillion times for sure, then...

Anyway, When I was coming to the doc asked for something and the nurse said 187/40...I am not positive but I guess that was either the O2/pulse meter thing I was wearing or the bp..... I heard the doc say something about "get that bottom number up." I was still coming around though, so....

I have been fairly unstable since but only had one close call with going down...(coming back from an absolutely amazing lamb dinner at the hotel...so it was worth it (insert scrumptious eye roll here...lol) I still feel like I am in a daze but that is normal...Still have the headache too....which is also normal for me.

Anyway, doc still thinks a beta blocker would be good...perhaps it can keep my hr from jumping up so high (to over 100 when I stand) and then higher if I am really unlucky. He said it could also help with the migraines. He did not say whether this changes my diagnosis from vasovagal syncope but I think it could...

My bp was pretty stable, per what the doc said, untill the HR crashed and I passed out. (BTW I did get the shakes that look seizure like, but aren't.)


Anyway, it is done...and after 30 years I have my black hole documented... It did not seem as deep or endless when I passed out during the tilt...Maybe it just was not as bad as I normally have or maybe knowing there was a cardiologist and a nurse right there made the psychological difference for me. who knows....

It seems to me that a lot of my symptoms kick in when my HR climbs up near 100. So I guess my goal is to keep it down unless my body has a good reason for a HR climb.... Excersize is a good reason, sitting up is not. lol


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Wow, validation after all these years. I'm glad they were able to rearrange the schedule to have the tilt and though you were having a good day, at least your body acted up for them. They got to see what happens, and you now have a witness to your struggles. Remember a tilt is done under controlled conditions, with an IV, and it's not just about BP and HR, but your sx and history, also.

How did you get a dx of vasovagal syncope if you weren't sure you had fainted?

I hope the new information will point to a more effective treatment plan for you. Please ask your doctor any questions you have about how the test went. Keep us updated and I hope when you get the beta blocker, it gives you some relief.

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I think from my description and that I know I have lost time before between when all went dark and when it got light and I could see the time again... But I was not positive. That and I have bit thru my tongue, ended up w/ bumps and bruises etc and not known how I got them. I was pretty sure I had gone out but not positive... I usually have a little dream like thing while I am out so when I was a kid they just told me it was narcolepsy but then they could not get any tests to cooperate w/ their theory on that one.

I wonder if anyone else has a little dream when out???

The cardiologist in 2003 gave me the dx of vasovagal syncope upon my description of my symptoms only... That is why I pushed for the tilt to be positive cause when I check the books by dr. grub for NCS it just does not seem to be quite right for me, or at least it does not explain it all...

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I usually never remember it....But it usually involves consternation of some sort, people trying to figure something out, lots of talking etc, that sort of theme..... But this time I know my husband was there and everyone was talking and debating and trying to figure something out... there were these bumps on my shoulder going down toward the front and then someone said "i've never known a spider to do that before." Then more talking and stuff, then I woke up.

I suppose it is just all the nurons firing cause of the depleted blood flow to the brain, but it is kind of different.... lol

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