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Joint Pain

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I was wondering if joint pain is normal with POTS, or if it is usually associated with another disorder such as EDS that can occur with POTS. I have noticed some people on the posts mention joint pain, but it seems like most have EDS or an autoimmune problem. For a few months I have been having some new problems. I have had POTS for 4 years, without any joint pain. But starting a few months ago, I would get burning and redness in my hands, mostly on my knuckles. My hands will be warm and slightly swollen. Then I started to get some stiffness in my hands, especially in the mornings. Now it is more pronounced, but usually fades by afternoon. But often if I use my hands a lot I will get joint pain in them. I wasn't sure if this is normal for POTS or not. I didn't really think it was that big of deal at first, but it seems to be getting worse. If anyone has any suggestions/insight I would appreciate it. It is hard to know what is "normal" or significantly abnormal anymore!

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Guest CyberPixie

Mine's worse since the POTS came on bad. But if you're getting red hot swollen joints in your hands it could indicate Rheumatoid Arthritis, you may want to get it checked to rule it out.

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