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Still Going Down

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Everytime I get sick I sing that Bruce Springsteen song.. Im going down down down......

Im not any better from when I had that adensosine. I sleep a lot more (hey it cured my isomnia) I walk like a drunk. My sense of perception is so off. I may have mentioed this in another post but it bothers me. I was stirring a big pot of homemade soup and I couldnt get the soon back into the pot, I made a mess, I couldnt stir. It was like my arm decided to do what it wanted. So Im doing this, trying to stir the soup. (first time since i was 3 that i had to TRY to stir somethin) Well that bothers me...

So stuff like this is happening more. I know I didnt have have a stroke. If i tilt my head to the right I fall over that way and if I tilt my head left my body goes left. And it only takes a small movement of my head to lose my balance I go to the doctor tomorow.

I also have this whole super way out dream stuff going on but im too tred of typing.

Peace All

Hope we all have abetter day tomorrow


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