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Another Mayo Question :)

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I had to change my Mayo date ;-(. Mostly do to finances. I need more than one month to get the rest of the money I may need since i live in Oregon and it is a long ways for me.

SO I have another Rochester Mayo question for those that have been. What would you say the average time is that some one stays. I read in the phamplet 3 to 7 business days. Could be longer. I am not sure how to book my flight with out knowing what the date is I will come home. Do I book it with the ability to change the return date?

Does anyone have any experiance with this Hotel? The travel lodge. I think 435 16th ave NW. It is in the broshure the Mayo sent. I called and it seems like it would be the ideal place for me over all. Financially and what I would like for amenities. They said they have had a total remodel a few years back. I am just not sure about the area if it is in a decent location. Such as not a bad part of town. Any one know that would be great? I am mostly concerned about the smell of the place. I have troubles with older places that have a mildewy smell. It makes me really, really sick.

So the Main Hotel I am thinking of is the Travel Lodge. The other ones are as follows. I would love to hear from any one who have any thing to say about any of these good or bad ;-).

Millie's Guest House

Alpine Inn

Clinic Horison Inn and Suites

Best Value Inn

Thanks and have a good night


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I stayed at the Best Western Soldiers Field and it was ok. I stayed at one of the "suites" which was actually across the street from the main hotel but it had a living area and full sized fridge, stove etc so we could make our own food. The rate was pretty good; call and ask for the Mayo patient rate (that's true of anywhere you call...be sure to ask if they offer a mayo patient discount).

In terms of length of stay I ended up being there 13 days.

You basically have 2 choices in this area

1- Get your ticket for return no sooner than the weekend (Mayo does not testing or consult on weekend). If you can get your initial appt for a Monday that's best because that at least gives you the full week and you could fly back Saturday Morning.

I saw some people who simply told Mayo, "my flight leaves on X date" and they TRIED to work with them however, I saw some people who had to go home unable to have all the testing done because of this as well. It's a gamble.

2-Set a date to return but make sure you have the ability to change the return date if needed and find out ahead of time what that charge will be. Don't purchase a ticket until you understand if you can change the return date. It used to be $50-75 to change perhaps but I would email the airline and see if you can get a written response from them (to hold them to their word). Ask if you provide a letter showing you are traveling for Medical care if they would be willing to waive the extra fee if you need to change your return date.

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I also stayed the Best Western Soldiers Field. I initally booked a suite but because they were across the street I switch to a room that was in the main building. I was really pleased with them. They have a full service restraute inside the hotel and shuttles that will take you everywhere you need in town. Including back and forth to the mayo clinic. Their shuttles are also wheelchair assesible (in case all the testing make you really sick...) I don't know if that's a problem for you. But they was one thing that I had to have. They also have a pool and game room. If you have any free them. If you do have a rental car while you are there they were located convientally to shops and the freeway so it was easy enough to find your way around.

Poohbear - You have a lot of really good advice. Most of the hotels around. Beside the ones the Mayo Clinic give you, will offer a Mayo Clinic Discount (by just calling and asking about it).

The Mayo Clinic schedule my first appointment on a Thursday and then asked I stay at least 7 days. I booked my flight as such with no room for flexibility. (I never even thought about it... Good idea) So, I was really busy for that Friday and off the weekend. Then the Mon and Tuesday I had a lot of appointment but then on Wednes & Thursday I didn't have anything. And my follow-up appointment with the doctor was they Firday. Well, he didn't look at the results of my testing until that day so then they schedule me more test for that day and wanted me to stay into the next week... I was really frustrated because I spent two days doing nothing but that was just how it fell.

I made sure to give them my leaving date right away when I got in so they knew ahead of time. I was never able to change it. I found that there were times (I've made 3 mayo trips - two to AZ and one to MN) that when I explained I was from out of state and had a plane to catch (ie it would be a hardship to come again or stay longer) that they would give me prioity on appointments.

However, if I would have been flexible to change it I don't if I would have let them know that upfront. Maybe if push can to shove and there was no other option (ie I couldn't get in to an appointment or I couldn't get everything thing done that needed to be done) then I would.

I just found that when they think they have all then time in the world or that your really flexible. They take advantage and their sweet time. Not thinking about everyday you stay your paying hotel and food costs. This happened to a friend I made on one of my mayo trips. She wait 2 weeks, just sitting in the hotel, for an appointment to come up because of scheduling and stuff. A trip that was suppose to be 1 week ended up being 6 weeks. A lot of that time she was just wait for appointments. Finally she got mad and talk to some people it moved things along for her. She showed me that you have to be realitively ridged (with resonablity) to ensure you don't get lost in the mess of things.

As Poohbear, said "It's a gamble" but by persistence and using wisdom on when to give and when not to give you'll get everything you need.

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