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dry eyes

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I am a therapeutic optometrist -- getting from the expert here!

That is called the caruncle, and is just a collection of "extra" conjunctiva. It consists of folds of tissue, so when inflammed (especially in allergies), it puffs up impressively and gets pretty red.

Are you being treated for your dry eyes? There are so many treatments now, from prescription Restatisis to punctal plugs... Also, if your caruncles are inflammed, you very likely have an allergic component to your problem.

Hope this helps!


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wow, too cool!

no I am getting no treatment and my eyes get very burny a lot. It feels lik that little caruncle thing swells up when my eyes burn. They like to burn while I am driving at night..or in odd lighting situations... I have also had my lacrimal sac get swollen infected and even bursted...that was too fun. (that was last summer).

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