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IV Fluids


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Good news for those of you who get relief with IV fluids!

My daughter's pediatrician was able to write a standing order, through our insurance company, for her to receive IV fluids AT HOME as often as once a week if she feels like she needs them.

This is such a relief since we normally have to wait until she is so sick that she has to go to the emergency room. Researcers aren't sure why the IV fluids help POTS patients to feel better even if they are not dehydrated, but since they do, my insurance company didn't argue. (It may have something to do with the cost of going to the hospital. :D )

Anyway, hope this information is helpful to someone. We didn't even know we had the option until the doctor told us. Wish we had known long before now.


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Hi April -

A nurse came to the house, put the IV line in, hooked her up, showed us how to change the bags and take the cath. out and was on her merry way.

It was great! Candice was able to take a nap, do some of her homework and eat her lunch while she was "hooked up". Sure beat sitting in the emergency room for six hours!


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