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Is pooling venous or arterial, both or ???


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Hi Everyone,

Before I found this forum, I did a lot of my own searching like I imagine all of you did. Most of the articles I read were about venous pooling in POTS, but not this one. This is available to read in its entirety (as opposed to abstracts only in PubMed), but is pretty technical. Essentially, it is saying that the problem in POTS is in the arteries, not the veins (except indirectly), and that alpha-adrenergic agonists are better than beta-adrenergic blockers.

I know we are all different that that no one cause applies to us all. I am really curious about what Dr. Grubb thinks about this and if any of you have opinions.

The reason I am curious is because a B-vitamin -- inositol -- is very important to the alpha-adrenergic system. It would be empowering if this is something we could take to help us. Inositol is a very important part of the messenger system of the cell membranes.

Here is the link:



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I believe venous pooling is due to poor arterial function in our case. Arterial pressure is greater than venous pressure. Our veins have little valves that prevent blood from going backward, venous blood is moved by physical movement and venous pressure although our veins can vasodilate or constrict We have all these hormones and biochemicals contrlled by the ANS that help regulate our bloodflow/pressure. It is amazing HOW the human body responds to movement and gravitly.

I could go on but just had a giant brainfart. The article makes a lot of sense.



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