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Sore and enlarged veins in hands


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Does anyone else get this?

Sometimes it seems like the veins in the back of my hands 'pop out' or just get more blue and noticable and sore!...Sometimes the veins on the underside of my arm going into my hand do this too. Sometimes if my fingers or, right now, the base of my thumb is really throbbing it will look almost bruised there...only no bruise or anything...

I also have pressure in my head and some good stabby growing pain type pains in my left breast at the moment.

And I am pretty sure I could not think my way out of my own shirt either....

argh.. And I felt so good yesterday...


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Do you use your hands a lot at work? It could be a vascualr problem made worse by overuse. Your cardio should be able to help you. I have Restless Legs Syndrome so I have a similiar problem with my legs. Let us know what your doctor says.


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