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POTS make every thing worse or is it sarcodoisis


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I 've caught cold and and my symtoms go worse. I have terrible head ache and I feel dizzy lying sitting let olone standing. I take antibiotics and do my inhalations for asthma and take other medecines but I still feel very bad. I really do not know is it due to my POTS or is it due to sarcoidosis.

I know that my sarcoidosis is going worse but my POTS also worsen simultanously?

Any suggeston will be a great help.


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I'm so sorry you are feeling bad.

The flu or cold will make anything else seem worse. I don't think the sarcoidocis getting worse will make pots worsen, although it may make some of the symptoms worse. They are not directly related,but like a lot of things the pots symptoms get involved. If the antibiotics aren't helping perhaps you can speak to your dr about changing it. some people do better on different meds. Try to get some rest and lots of fluid which of course helps flu and pots.

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