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Retinal Migraines

Millie Halp

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Hi All;

I was at the eye doctor today and he told me that I have retinal migraines. I have been having these round flashing circles in the outside corners of my eyes. I get them especially when I am either tired, stressed or fatigued. I started getting them after I started my beta-blockers. He did tell me that it can be caused by hormonal imbalances as well as a low blood flow to the brain.

I am wondering if any of you have experienced this. Any input would be appreciated. I have an appointment to see my doctor next month. Any suggestions from this site I will address with him.

Thanks for listening.


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I get the round flashing lights at the outside corner of my eyes.

These were one of the first symptoms I got when I started to get sick. I still have them when I am really symptomatic, which is virtually all of the time presently. I don't know if this has anything to do with dysautonomia, but I've always wondered.

When I first got these round lights, I was sent to a retina specialist. I had a torn retina, which they repaired with laser surgery. I kept experiencing these lights and had ended up with another torn retina, same eye.

Even though the flashing lights persist, I haven't had another torn retina...touch wood.

I also have been getting alot of floaters lately. They come and go all day long. My retina specialist is somebody I have been seeing on a regular basis.


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