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bad reaction to midodrine


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Greetings to all,

Sorry that I haven't been around much. I went back to school because I was feeling better and ended up fairly busy. I was determined to not overstress myself which is my old M.O. I have done well with only 1 math and 1 art class.

Anyhow, I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, or even has any knowledge of what my midodrine experience may mean. First of all, I have been taking florinef for about 2 months with very good results until recently it has seemed that the symptoms had begun to return regardless of stable BP. So, I started midodrine and my God!! This is the stuff. I felt like my old self. Things started working that hadn't worked in years. I was a little wired up, but cerainly symptom free and feeling like me. And, unlike the florinef problem of always having to be careful of hypertension, my BP on midodrine stayed very stable. This lasted for 2 days, then the opposite happened. I began to feel like everything just locked up in my system. It wasn't the dysautonomia symptoms, rather, it felt like I was toxic . So, I waited a day and let the bad symptoms wear off and then tried just a half of a tab (2.5mg) of the midodrine. This put me in bed for almost 2 days and I haven't been the same since (day 3 now). So, midodrine worked better than anything I have ever found for my illness, but then I had a wierd reaction. It wasn't a drug allergy. It felt like I was taking something I really didn't need, or (and God forbid) my nervous system is very damaged. And actually, I remember having similar experiences with anti-depressants. Work great for a few days, and then make me feel horrible.

Sound familiar to anyone.

Peace, love and happy valentines day to all.


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