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bike to wheelchair in 2 weeks...but it's not stopping me


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So I had a tute today- my 5pm, you know,the one that KILLS ms every week. I was going to cancel- I felt so ill I could hardly move earlier this afternoon- I emailed Dr M and said to her can we rearrange- but it turned out that the only other slots she had were a bad time for both of us. So my option was miss it altogether, or givei it a try.

Well, I had to be wheeled over- as I couldn't walk it. That in itself really made me feel so miffed after being able to ride a bike about two weeks ago- this is a big come down for me.

But on my way over, I thought to myself with my sassy wheelchair pusher lady, Alison, I thought to myself "I can either sit and cry about this and have a rubbish tutorial"


I can just go in and make the best of it!

I can't believe how well it went- I was able to make a contribution and be actually quite lucid compared to recent tutorials before Christmas and stuff.

Dr M was really understanding about it, as always- I'd told her in advance I'd have to lie on the floor with my feet up so she said that was fine- she helped me get as comfy as I could. I lay with some nice plump cushions, and my feet up on a comfy foot rest thingy.

I made my presentation lying on the floor--but I made it! and people thought it was good! I also looked at the rubrication of one of the words which had bugged the heck out of me- I even lifted up (almost entirely unaided) a great big facsimile--I tohught my wrists would snap but I did it!

And by the end of the tute- almsot two hours in, I ended up curled up in a foetal position, and my eyes flickering- but I was still listening! I got down all the important notes and only had to ask people to repeat a few times.

Isn't it amazing how different your experience can be if people sho some consideration and attempt to include you in things? Such a small thing- allowing me to lie in position that was suitable- meant that I was in no way disadvantaged for that tutorial- and that I was on a par with everyone else, even though I felt quite rubbishy.

But it shows up the rest of the world as ignorant for not making such small alterations and considerations, doesn't it?

Anyway, just thought I would share my positive experience with you all- and let you know that I relaly am enjoying Oxford so much more this term now the panic has subsided and I've begun to relax and make more friends :-)

I wanted to show you all that POTS doesn't mean your life is over- you can live with it and carry on doing the stuff you wanted. By being at Oxford, I am living my dream and fulfilling my life's ambition...it just takes a bit of lateral thinking and adjustment. But you CAN do things...

Just wish my health would stop the darn yo-yoing!!!

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Guest Belinda

GOOD FOR YOU PERSEPHONE!!!!!You could have seen the worst but you decided to see the best out of the situation! ANd it turned out it was well worth it!

Keep it up/or down...lol!


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