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Update on friend with new Dx


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For those of you that read my other posts about my friend's brother that had the TTT and was put on a beta blocker and salt tablets...

I found out that he does indeed have a specific diagnosis... it's Neurally Mediated Hypotension. Same exact diagnosis I have- and he has gone to completely different doctors than I have gone to.

Just amazing- more people in this small town with the same illness. Hopefully the word will get OUT and people will start to understand!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the update. I have read that POTS/NMH is on the rise in adolscents. I don't know if this is because of better diagnosis or if it really is on the rise.

Maybe we should start a lower eastern shore support group. My Dr has quite a few patients--as I mentioned. He and I have talked about starting a support group that could meet at PRMC.

Was your friend's brother diagnosed by a cardiologist or by his pcp? How is he doing?

Take care,


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