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My amylodosis test and results...Boy did that hurt!


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Well, I finally had my biopsy done on Wednesday. I told him about the fact that Novacaine doens't really work with me. He said that was what he was going to numb my tummy with to take the sample. He shot it in and BOY DID THAT KILL!!! Then he started cutting...I went through the roof. I told him to stop and that I could feel exactly where the scapel was. He said that I shouldn't be able to feel it. He said we needed to put more novacaine in. If it was supposed to be numb, I shouldn't have been able to feel it right? He stuck the needle and all I could do was let the tears fall. Luckily I had a really good nurse who let me hold her hand :D We let it sit for a while before he tried cutting again. When he started I couldn't feel it. But by the time he was puting in the stitches I could feel it. And 10 minutes later while out in the waiting room the novacaine was GONE! They said that it would take at least a week before the test results would be there.

Now I have an inch and a half incision just to the right a a little below my belly button. It bleed so bad under the skin that I have a HUGE bruise. And the incision just keeps burning. I am so afriad that he hit some nerves that are going to remain super sensitive like the one in my arm that I am having treatment for.

Anyway...the test results came back on Thursday...he put a rush on it because we wanted to know the results asap. The test was negative for amylodosis!!! YYIIIPPPEEEE!!!!

So then I asked him what do we do now and we are back to the solution of going on the autoimmune supressants. He says that he thinks I need the high doses of steriods and that the amount he feels I need to be on is too dangerous to be on for a long time. So, next week I will start the autoimmune spressants. We wanted to wait until this incision has time to heal without getting infected. My tummy is swollen all the way across.

I told my doc on Thurs that my blood pressure was 182/65 on MOnday - he couldn't believe it since I have been having issues just getting it to 100/50! Where that came from who knows. I was wondering if that was why I am having these chest issues. Maybe my blood pressure is fluxuating too much during the day. Usually when they take it I am sitting in my infusion chair, being relaxed. I wonder how it does over the course of a day. I think that I get so stressed out that maybe it is up that high more than we know. Does anyone know if that can test that over the day?

We are still trying to figure out the non-eating issue. I am now down 16 pounds and had to go buy new jeans! I went from a 14 to a very comfortable 10! Nice diet, eh?

He also put me on Zyprexa to help me get to sleep. I think that it is causing some unwanted side effects though. My dizzy issues weren't so bad as of late and since Thurs night I am having some issues. And I seem to have lost some of my hand grip strength. I can't seem to hold on to stuff very easily. And then on top of that I am awfully shaky. Anyone experience this? And since it is used for mental issues...maybe I am getting some additional benefits from it :) Somedays I do think I need something to straighten me out.

So...that's life for now. I hope that next week brings some better days.



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