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Dr. G appt


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Hi! I'm going to be seeing Dr. G for the first time. What should I bring with me besides a list of questions. My tilt table test and 48hr holter moniter have been sent. Does He do a physical exam and then try to figure out what meds might address your symptoms? Also can he figure out without a catecholemine test which my doctors haven't done whether you have the hyperadrenergenic pots? Mast cell activation? I guess since he's so experienced he knows what usually works best. Does he followup with any questions your primary care doctor may have. Any info would be appreciated. What sorts of info should I have for him besides the above. Will he recommend additional tests? Thanks!

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Hi Sef - I brought all my autonomic testing as well as all the blood work and write ups from others Dr's.......

Its important to be prepared with all your questions and needs so you dont miss anything.

I waited to see Him for about 7 hours... but it was well worth it for me... he gave me a lot of time..about 2 hours... Explained in much detail about dysautonomia, and gave me an exam, and his personal opinions on what he believed was going on with me specifically. He went through different med options and was happy to work with my POTS Dr in Boston......

I woud address each question you asked here with him so that he can help direct you.

Good Luck with your appt! I think you will have a good one since he is such a dedicated man.....


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