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Flat from flying


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I am back from my trip to Perth, many thanks for all your tips. I was fine going over, but coming back, (West to East), I found difficult. I was tired before getting on flight, but once back, I was the sickest I have ever been and have been like a zombie for 3 days. Even my face was aching and I did not want to speak for long and that is amazing for me!! lol! Today I am just starting to feel human. I am surprised at just how bad I have been. I did not overtire myself on my holiday, except for the day prior to flying, so maybe this was enough plus the flight to do me in. Anyone else have similar reactions?

The best part of the holiday was not thinking about my illness 24/7 and focusing on family etc. Such a relief. Now I am home again and the world is crowding back in.

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