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Mast cell activation, anyone?


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Hi all,

I was starting to have a surge and took benadryl and zyrtec and it STOPPED. I've never thought I had mast cell involvement, because I don't get terribly flushed. But I decided to try it out of desperation. I have noticed that my face and neck can sometimes get a little pinker than usual, and when I take a shower, my left leg gets a red strip up the inside of my leg, but I don't get the bright red that they described in the article.

Does anyone else have any experience with the mast cell possiblility? I'm curious what the latest buzz on it is...

I also wanted to recommend to ANYONE with hyperadrenergic POTS to TRY benadryl or zyrtec and see if you feel better. The zyrtec me has helped every time I've tried it, and I didn't know if it was just a coincidence or not. They are just starting to really learn about this, so we may be paving new ground for the researchers.


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i don't have the hyperadrenergic variety of POTS so can't speak from that perspective (i wish parts of my body would speed up a bit...we need a barter system!) and don't know much about mast cell activation but i know that it's been discussed on the forum on several occassions so you may want to do a search...

B) melissa

p.s. benedryl usually knocks me out big time....they give me kids' doses in the hospital when i have allergic rashes. zyrtec can make me a bit drowsy but not always. when my allergies are bad i sometimes take it at night....

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