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Question On Chest Pain


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Hi all.

Latley ive been having really bad pains in my chest, right in the center, but they can happen on the left and right side aswell. It lasts about 15 Seconds max then goes and happens throught the day, its been with me for about a week now. Im off to the docotrs later to get it looked at anyway.

But when i get Chest pain my HR remains stable and theres no skips or jumps or anything, which makes me belive its not heart related, which is why im not to worried about it.

After the pains i usually get some wind pass through either end. Could this be anything to do with the eusophogous (prolly spelt wrong). When i burp , that sick stuff often cums up, acid stuff, which means theres acid very close to the top of my eusophogous and could be causing the pain. Ive had ALOT of wind latley even though im not eating/drinking much. Im not eating cus i hate the food im my house, i live with parents and they wont buy vegtables, only greasy fatty foods, so i dont really eat much.

Being the paranoid person, when i have a pain i usually feel around, and my stomach usually hurts and my breast bone hurts to touch.

Anyone experienced anyting at all like this befor?

Kind Regards.

Baby Boy

PS. 2006 was ment to be a new year :D

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Based on what you are describing, it sounds like indigestion with some acid reflux. Poor eating happens- which include not eating much- can cause all sorts of digestive problems. You might want to see your PCP to get some suggestions on how to handle this and to see whether a GI workup is in order. Good luck.


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Guest Belinda

BAby boy- I too get unbearable chest pain and found that I too have lots of gas either way I found that I have gastroparesis and lots of reflux I get sdpasms of esophagus and throat and my EKG etc are always fine

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The pains today have been alot less. But my stomach has been another story.

I wont go into detail, but i went the toilet for a number 2, and noticed acid reflux coming up, twice i was sick on the floor, but i didnt heve or anything, it was like acid was just coming up on its own. Theres definatly a problem and im not 99% sure its not a heart problem, but why is this happening. Im so confused.

Today ive ate a fair bit, a few cookies, some indian food and thats about it, ive ate about 60% of what a bloke my age is ment to but hey! thats me...ive been like that for years.

Im really confused and cant wait to see the nurse, shell prolly send ne off for tests..................I HATE TESTS! i feel like a guiniue pigg!

Best wishes and regards to all

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Guest Belinda

Definitley look into the stomach ordeal..no daignoses here but think about having an upper GI or ask about it..or ask them how you can tell if you have slow motility.

That may contribute to some symptoms..at least that is all they found in me was esophageal refulx and spasms and gastroparesis(slow motility of food).

All my heart stuff always came out fine..well not heart attck material. But it sometimes feels like it.

Glad you pain is down a little..I take tums and protonix. And going numbeer two is very hard for me every day.

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