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I am very happy to report that because of this forum and the caring people, we have now found the underlying cause to all my problems! It turns out that Finette from this forum recognized the description of the unexplained "stretch marks" that have been baffling everyone and referred us to a website that identified the problem. Thank you so much Finette! It turns out that my parents and me tested positive for Lyme Disease and Bartonella. As soon as we saw the pictures of the Bartonella Rash on the Lyme Disease website, there was no question that is what I had. We are now under the care of a Lyme specialist and it turns out that I was actually born with it and that this has been the underlying cause of my POTS which led to Gastroparesis. I am just worried that there will be more things discovered and diagnosed in the future. I always feel like I have a collapsed lung and have never had an X-Ray for that. I hope it is not anything serious! We are very fortunate, with the help of all the answers we received by being active on this forum, that it has only been just over a year since all my severe symptoms started and we have most of the answers now. If we would have just waited for a doctor to figure this all out, we would still be without a diagnosis. We basically took our test results and did our own searches over the internet which led to this forum and a diagnosis of POTS, after going to VA from LA to see a specialist. The same goes for the Lyme, we basically figured it out on our own, after the referrel from Finette to the website, and then seeked out a specialist to confirm it. I am so thankful for this forum!

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