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B/P Drop

Mrs. Glass

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I havent been around for a few days, because I have been on the couch. I have not been able to sit at the computer, or see good enough to type. My b/p has been dropping drastically for the past few days and nothing is helping. I have tried extra water, salty drinks, and foods and nothing seems to help. I take 10mg of Midodrine a day,and 2 hours after I take the meds I have to take my b/p and it does not help at all. I still cant get back in to see my Neurologist, my husband is going to call today,and demand some answers. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist in March, but when I called his office, they wanted to see me as soon as possible. Which is Thursday. He is booked tight until then. He did say that I needed to go to the ER, but I just laughed,and told him that they would not do anything for me, he said that if it got any worse, or if I started passing out or if my heart started acting up again, to call him before I went to the ER and they would start treating me right. Our ER is horrible here. They will admit someone who is dehydrated, but send someone home who is having a stroke. This hospital has been sued over 100 times just since they opened the new building, and lost every law suit due to negligence. I am actually scared to go there, but it is the only one within 80 miles. Hopefully the doc can give me some answers on Thursday. I just keep wondering what is happening to my brain, and heart when my b/p is so very low, I mean are they getting enough oxygen, and if not what damage is happening. I better go my eyes are graying out again, so I know that I have been sitting up too long. Thanks for letting me vent. Vanessa

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Hi Vanessa, i don't think we've "met" before as I've been "out" for some time, so here's a late welcome!

I am very sorry you're having such a rough time. I hope your husband can make the phonecall and ask your neuro for help. I don't think damage to your brain will be done immediately (but don't forget: I'm not a doctor) but I do think you need a doctor to help you answer questions (or raise your meds, or something like that). Wanted to wish you well and hope you will be better soon.


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I hope you find answers soon.

I noticed in "docs you've visited" that you have not seen an endocrinologist. I looked to see what docs because I was wondering if you've been tested for adrenal insufficiency?

Again, I certainly hope your ER treats you right. Try having your referring doc give them a call first like he suggested. And go sooner if you must.

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