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Vanderbit University

Mrs. Glass

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I was just wondering what I have to do to be seen at the Autonomic Clinic at Vanderbilt University. I am so tired of doctors that dont know what they are doing. I am having so many anxiety attacks every day, because of these doctors. It seems that no one knows what they are doing. I am so tired of everything that I just cant cope with it anymore. I went to see my pcp again last week, and I have another bladder infection. I just got over one, and here it is again. Before I got sick I never had them. I also told her that the Senocot was not working, and she told me that I needed to get more exercise. I WISH I COULD! I just wanted to scream at her. But I waited until my daughter picked me up and just started crying. I dont know how much more of this junk that I am going to be able to handle. I just want a doctor that knows what they are doing. If anyone knows how to be seen there, please please let me know. I cant take much more from these doctors. Vanessa

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here's the direct link to the Vanderbilt ADC:


it has info on both being an inpatient (research patient) as well as the outpatient center. i was a patient there in may and had a generally positive (though very intense) experience but keep in mind that they are not set up/able to do follow-up.

hope this helps,


p.s. sorry...i just realized that i left out the link earlier! now it's here:-)

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Guest Finrussak

What I did was have my family help me email every Dr who published papers on the topic in past 6 motnhs. Plus I had my neuro call Dr Low/Mayo ( my neuro knew his dad), my cardio phone down to V-bilt and then my family made follow up phone calls to anyone not giving us the "sorry we cant take pts " story

. Finally we got answers from V-bilt but by then I was near death needing a med flight down and they wouldnt take responsibility as once the plane/copter left my current hospital id be V-bilt's problem.

Ultimately thru more emails and LOTS of begging I got into Dr Grubb, Ohio. In meantime the only one to offer testing or tx suggestions was V-bilt--Dr Biaggioni and a brief email from Dr Robertson about ruling out Mast cell disorders.

So email away, send them a follow up letter attaching a brief history of sx and meds ( what youre on, what does and not helps etc) and make it clear you NEED help and NOW!!! then pray.

I hope this works for you.


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