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Can you fail tilt table and still have POTS?


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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and have been recently referred to a Dr. in Maryland, In fact the one listed on this site!) because of troubling symptoms through the years. I noticed in my middle 20s that I would get panicky in store lines, had no idea why. Something about flourescent lights bothers me and the chemical smells in stores. I then started having anxiety attacks off and on through the years, which I attributed to too much smoking and caffeine and alchohol. I just have never been able to drink even a few beers without feeling all weird the next day. I was put on short doses of xanax at times. Once I had drank c 2cups of coffee, ttaken 2 sudafeds, and had a bad sinus headache, and was leaning over my desk at home when my heart started pounding and I felt like a red hot explosion ?) in my head. I was so scared I lay on the floor and called 911, was so embarressed but was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a sinus infection and anxiety. I had also had several normal ekg tests over the years. In 1995, five years after my third child was born I started noticing that my arms felt fatigued, Not weak, when doing chores like washing windows, hair, etc. Gradually my legs started feeling fatigued sometimes, and I had the normal full work up of tests for sed rate, lupus, lyme, thyroid, you name it. Everything came back completely normal!! Then when my daughter was in school, then I wasabout 36, I went back to work part time at my husbands restaurant. After about 4 hours on my feet I started haveing sweating, shaking, heart pounding events, I would have to run in the back and sit down. So I quit that. I was sent to a cardiolagist, given a 24 holter moniter, echo, and all that was fine, he said "a lot of peopple have this problem, it is all anxiety." Oh, I guess by then I was also having heart pounding episodes when arising from bed, that would take several hours to settle down. I never actully fainted in stores or anywhere, just felt like it and often had to leave. I also notcied one summer it was intensely hot and I felt really faint after walking to the store from the car. finally I had the mother of all panic attacks just out of the blue one morning. I felt my heart pounding, dizzy, nauseous, everything seemed gray and unreal. Luckily my husband was here and I asked him to call 911 but he (Poor, calm guy with the panicked wife) talked me into going to the Dr. I felt so bad I had to sit outside till he got a nurse to help me straight to an exam room. I had another ekg, my blood pressure was high, and sugar level was high but a blood test showed no sign of diabetes. I was then referred to a psyc doc and put on xanax full time. I had a nice Dr. and the xanax did help alot, though never has completly controlled my bad morning symptoms. I was dx with generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks, which I did notice under stress i would get worse. BUT I ALWAYS FELT LIKE THERE WAS SOME PHYSICAL CAUSE FOR SOME OF THE SYMPOMS, I got books at the library, etc. but notheing ever came of it. Then I started working full time at a desk job and for 4 years i managed that till i was diagnosed with needing a hysterectomy due to fibroids and heavy bleeding. I never really had time to go the drs a lot anymore. Also at this job would experience late afternoon crashes (of shaking and brain ffog) usually after a late lunch and symptoms always seemed worse aroung that "time of Month". I was tried on numerous antidepressants to help but have never been able to tolerate them am interesed in starting at a lower dose theory I have read on these posts. Well I still was having trouble occsasionally in stores, was dx with chronic fatigue, and then fibromyalgia, because of occasional leg pain, which now seems chronic. I asked for every test under the sun but everything was fine, pancreas, endocrine, adrenal. I continued

mentioning the weakness and faintness in stores but was told it was the chronic fatigue. I know this is really a long post. Maybe I should print it out for my Dr. In 2002 I quit my job and had the hysterectomy and WHAM that is when life ended as I knew it. The surgery completely floored my for months, the 6 week recovery was a bigh joke. I came out of the surgery and started vomiting from the demerol and anesthia, so they started giving me Touridal shots. I sent my husband home with my 11 year old daughter, so she wouldn't have to see my like that. I then had extreme panic attacks from the Toridal, the nurse said "oh its just like motrin,it couldn't give you panic." I now wish I had had someone there to help me with the staff who are so over worked i guess they dont care. I acutally thought I was having a heart attack and they didn' t even check my pulse!!! Finally after begging I got to go on percocet pills and was better. But the recovery from that op has dragged on for 2 years, all my previous symptoms worsened. Sometimes feel faint in shower, am just now getting back to pre surgery strength. I also quit smoking and drinking 2 months ago which has helped ALOT with the anxiety. At my physical last month I insisted once again to a different doc that something did not seem right and she wrote the referral for DR. Ramesh Khumna in Maryland. Has anyone seem him? I live in Marlyand. Oh I also have neuropathy in my feet. I was given tests for that too but there was no specific dx. I am sorry to have rambled on so, but am now wondering if you can still have dysautonomia in some form if you fail the tilt table. Should I ask for that???Thank you everyone, just reading all these posts has made me feel better, just knowing what the heck this could be is half the battle!!! I also have chronic monthly sinus infections and do feel better over all when on the antibiotic biaxin. Nothning else helps or makes me sick. Alot of sleep helps too!! I have to go througha whole morning routine it takes me an hour to get through the shower. I dont know if Im on too much xanax, and that is why or is it the possible pots. Thanks again for any advice. .5 mg xanax 4 x a day.

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I think seeing a POTS specialist will help tremendously to clarify what is wrong with you. It certainly sounds like dysautonomia, based on your symptom description. I live in Maryland (eastern shore) and I have an excellent specialist here who sees patients all over Delmarva. I know he is taking new patients, so if you are interested at some point, I can give you more info.

Futurehope and anyone else: I would be interested in feedback on Dr. Khurhana. My sister who has just been diagnosed with POTS will eventually be moving from GA to the DC area and will need a POTS specialist in the DC area.

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