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new nuerologist (face pain)


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I saw a new neurologist today. He didn't have my medical history or anything, so at first we just discussed my face pain (the possible trigeminal neuralgia). He did a long exam on me ("touch your nose" and "watch my finger" and "walk this way" etc etc). While he finished up he said, "I don't know if you realize this yet, but your autonomic nervous system is severely off-set." Obviously I know that, but I baited him and asked him why he thought so. He said that first of all, my PUPILS are HUGE. I do know that, too (I get comments by store clerks, people at bus stops... you name it... I am told often that my pupils are huge. Weird, huh?).

So the neurologist said that's the same part of the brain that controls the heart rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature... so I must be having some strange struggles with those things. Well shoot- those are my top 3 problems right there. I was just rather impressed that he told ME all of this about myself just from examining me before I even told HIM!

So anyway... I was glad to have another doc that was very knowledgable about NMH/dysautonomia, and he was very kind and personable. Whew! When I told him my 'story' and about Hopkins and Dr Rowe there and everything, this new neurologist explained the nervous system and the problems I have the best he could and also said "I know that Dr Rowe knows more about this than I do, but I am just telling you what I know." You have to admire a doctor that will go ahead and say he doesn't actually 'know it all.' :-P

So it was an interesting visit. We couldn't really get to the bottom of my face pain, it is indeed a mystery. The wisdom teeth surgery is a real question mark though, since that was fairly recent. The pain isn't so severe now, so I'm going to leave it alone and not take any more meds to try to heal it. I did get another Rx in case it flares up and I want to try something else, though.

Just thought I would update you....

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I agree with you that he sounds like a great neurologist. My daughter who has NMH was diagnosed after mentioning the large pupils and fainting to her PCP recently

She has had a history of temperature variations (fevers and recently extremely low temps) since '99. No one could figure this out. They kept looking for an infection. She is 23, close to your age.

I hope your face pain gets better. Good luck to you.

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I'm glad to hear that your visit went well. (Humble dr's are such a blessing!!) It's neat that he knew so much about your condition just by the physical exam.

I really hope the pain goes away completely.

Thanks for keeping us posted,


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That sounds like a pretty cool doctor.. always nice when their egos don't get in the way of treating their patients!

I'm sorry they haven't figured out the face pain, yet, and I hope they do soon!

The pupil thing is pretty cool. Sometimes I can't stand lights. Dr. Biaggioni commented on my pupils to his interns when I was at Vandy- he was staring at my eyes, and I had no idea what he was looking at, so I was probably looking at him funny when he told them to look at my eyes and what did they see. :)

Anyway take care everybody!

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Wow- congratulations on finding a great neurologist!!! The pupil thing is very interesting- wow. So, I guess you really can tell al lot about someone's health by just looking in their eyes- very intriguing!


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