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Can you control your body with your mind?


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Ok this is a serious issue for me, im not sure if anyone has or has had this befor but ill explain anyway.

Ive noticed recently that whatever i think about happens. Like for example it happened twice just. I read on the board about your pulse being 110 and can cause problems, so i checked mine and as soon as i started to take my pulse it rised and i felt an adrenaline boost. Also i was reading a PM about chest paiin, whilst reading it some said do you have it? i replyed occasionally, and as soon as i thought about it it happened. Now this happens alot in my daily life, im a constant thinker and think about my body 24/7 so this plays havock with me.

Is this a problem and can it be controlled and has anyone had it. It probably sounds stupid but its does happen to me.

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There is something similar called:  Medical student syndrome.  When some med students read about disorders they start to have symptoms or think they have the symptom.

Yeah to be fair this sounds like me. When i was young my uncle had diabities but also abused drugs, he used to get infections in his leg, they were like lumps full of pussy stuff, due to heroin injection ect ect. Anyway he lived at my nans and i had to stay there while my parents were at work, so i used to see the nurse coming to clean his wounds. This really freaked me out, at the age of 8 i was checking my leg for lumps. One day i got a thron in my leg and it wouldnt come out, then it came out and a bit of puss came out, i went bezerk, i sat crying thinking i had a lunp in my leg and id have a big hole there. This esculated into thinking i had diabetes, and i kept a record of how many times i went the toilet. Throught the years scince then ive thought i had cancer, meningitus, heart desiese, stomach ulcers, brain tumour, going blind, going death, not breathing ect ect. Its exculated since then. Im seriously scared of medical books, i wont go near one, i know what it will cause. Ive had this since the age of 8 and im 21 now.

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