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SO it all started about 4 weeks ago, which strangely coincided with going off birth control pills (after 10 years). Was having near-fainting episodes once a day...catching them by sitting down, and then had a huge episode a week and a half ago where my boss took me to the ER (generalized weakness, dizziness, lightheaded, faint feeling, blurry vision)- of course all vitals normal. All routine bloodwork normal. Have seen 2 general medicine docs, a neurologist and a cardiologist, who mentioned POTS- due to my flushing, lightheadedness, blood pressure maintenance and increased heart rate. Still need to do more bloodwork to figure out maybe what is causing this...He had me go back on the pill to "rule that out"- it isn't helping, of course. We were starting to try for a baby when this all started- has anyone heard of anyone having POTS start after birth control pill termination?

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:) Aloha Jennymac and welcome,

I had a similar experience when I came off Birth Control pills when my husband and I wanted to try for a baby: my POTS symptoms were much worse, so much so that we decided not to continue trying. I didn't know I had POTS then. When I started BC again, I felt a bit better but only after a few months. Birth control pills can escalate blood pressure. Maybe they were maintaining your BP and now you are off them your BP has crashed? Not sure whether this is a sound medical theory though as I am not a medical doctor.


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