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Nose bone hurts


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Hi all.

Im nearly recovered from a cold but i now notice that the top of nose hurts, around the area of my eyes. If i pinch it i can feel pain, and it feels like....well i cant explain it just hurts. If i stand up i notice a great ammount of pressure on this part of my nose and sometimes when its bad it goes accross my eyes and i get a mild pressure under my eyes.

It may be cold and sinus related but ive had this cold for 7 days :)

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Guest Finrussak

probably is sinus...sinuses cause probs in and around eyes...even can make them water...but as always if it worsens OR persists for another 3-4 days then see the doc...theres a lot of colds going around that seem to last longer...my daughter in OHIO has this cold over 10 days now (she is usually healthy but her allergies making it all worse) and her Drs say its still not bacterial, just viral so no meds...

and I have 3 friends here in various parts N.J. all complaining of the cold they cant get rid of....stay warm (not too warm :) ) and dry


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