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Doctor in Houston

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hi terry -

i don't have any personal knowledge of the houston area, but the following is from our physician listing on the dinet.org main page:

Dr. Dorothy Kelly

Associate Director

SW SIDS Research Institute

7500 Beechnut Suite 378

Houston, TX 77074


Treats Children

Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction (ANSD) with variable symptoms

if for some reason it's a "no" when/if you call, you may want to ask them for other suggestions in the houston area....

good luck,

B) melissa

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Hi Terry,

I have been lurking for quite some time but thought I would write in response to your question! I live in the Clear Lake area of Houston-where are you? Several years ago I saw a dysautonomia specialist by the name of DR. Matthew Lenz. He is located near the medical center and when I saw him he was quite up on autonomic dysfunction. His office number is 713-526-5511.

I'm not sure how open you are to alternative medicine but for the past 2 years I have been seeing a Chinese medicine DR. here in Houston. She has helped me alot and if you would like more info about her my e-mail is Maridoa@aol.com.

Good luck!


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