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Hello All ,

As most of you know I have recently moved to BC from Ontario with my LARGE but wonderful and supportive Family. To make that part of the story short ; It has been and is FANTASTIC !!! Weather and lifestyle certainly are helpful. Not to mention just plan Fun ; as was our trip out. However one MAJOR casualty of this move was that I sold My Personal training & Yoga Studio. So I no longer have an extensive array of equipment at my disposal , nor do I have My inspiring clients to motivate ME whilst I train them.

I did try to train in a public gym here , but it was difficult as symptoms would expose themselves. So I decided to buy some equipment to maintain my very specific regimen. I bought the basics so all my Family could Train But I have been reseaching this VIBRATION technology for sometime now and saw that POWER PLATE WAS OFFERING A HOME UNIT. I have been , as you are all probably aware, using wobble boards , Med balls , Swiss Balls etc . to create a similar effect in my training as you can recieve with this MACHINE. With weights & wobbles etc. it is very involvrd & requires time. With the Power Plate it is Quite simple & requires 15 to 20 minutes 3 -5 times / week

The BENEFITS of this technology are many fold. Primarly it will help to increase BLOOD VOLUME and manage BP. I t will help to balance skeletal muscle and increaase lean muscle mass. It does this by working deep into the muscle groups and connective tissues using more of the fibres and creating more capillaries stonger & more dense bones. This also improves O2 exchange. The machine is helpful in improving motr unit function as well with the increase of muscular balance and use of more muscle fibre thus improving messaging of the nerve to the muscle. For more info See the web site www.powerplateusa.com . There are other units on the market ,however I don't believe any offer the home unit option.

I will be recieving mine in about a month so I will keep you posted about its effectiveness. I do recomend that if you are interested check out some of the research on the web for various machines. The original technology was invented in Europe and machines are available in Germany & I believe Italy. It is not a MAGIC pill ; ButI do think with proper nutrition it could be A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE machine to help in our fight against DYSAUTONOMIA , EDS ( which my kids are now being tested as my WIFE has MVP ). The home unit is about $ 3,000 or about the price of a good Multi Station or Elliptical - The commercial unit (which I ordered ) is about double. the difference being the size of the unit Basically. Both units come with resitance straps and you can use Med balls , weights , swiss & Bosu balls with them. SO THAT IS THE POWER PLATE by the by I am in NO WAY affiliated with power plate - just a CONSUMER

Slinte' Kite 7

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kite -

i'm so glad that the move has been so good for you all in so many ways! it's good to "see" you back on here though too:-)

guess what? they had the power plate featured on the Today Show a few days ago! i thought of you immediately!

anyway, i'll be curious to hear your thoughts once you get it. it's WAY out of my budget for now but i'm still always curious to hear about new possibilities for the future.

:( melissa

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