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www.lymenet.org has a section that is for Dr referrals...

If you email me I can give you the info I know.


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jenn is beyond helpful in this dept! so she's the expert...

i am just pursuing the lyme stuff also and i found that it does take a while for the groups to email you back...sometimes over a week or so. i emailed several...lymenet, ilads, etc. i also called the 1800 numbers and left messages on their referral line.

hope you find some help soon...


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Jenn will be able to help you as well as Finn. Go join Lymenet...their forum is great for lyme folks. They have a section where you can post that you are looking for a LLMD, and somebody will send you a private message with information the same or next day. Ask everybody! Seriously, it's hard to get a LLMD and I am on the wait list for a top one and might not be able to get in till next year. I have an appointment next week with one that several people speak highly of. I found out about them from a friend of a friend that has lyme...Good luck in your search!

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