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Hi all. Sorry i aint spoke for a while.

Ive just came down with the Flu , belive me its a battle to fight it off. Since ive had it ive noticed dramatic body changes. My HR now slows down when when i breath deep and will stay slow for 10 seconds, ive clocked it at about 40 yesterday. Palpatations are increased, ive had a few that feel like a big Jolt in my chest that make me moove and cough automaticlly. As well as the hightened symptoms i got a runny nose and sore eyes. I remember a few years ago i wouldnt get a cold, my immune system was so high, i was so fit, but now, i catch anything.

My stomach seems to be storing gas, i get bad stomach pains and i can feel wind shooting up my throat, then it stops and wont come out, feels awful. I might start taking Rennies to see if that helps it out. I also think i have a slight case of piles.

Muscle twitches have also been doing my nut in. I was siting hear yesterday and my thumb starting doing its thing on its own, it was literally mooving but i wasnt mooving it. Also had twitches in my stomach, legs and my Eylid (the ammount of times ive had it there)

Thanks for reading my little short vent. Hope noone has to go through what ive been through.

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Hope you feel better soon- dysautonomia makes everything worse doesn't it? I've had a virus that has knocked me down for going on four weeks so I feel your misery! Take care.


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