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L'Shanah Tovah

Guest Finrussak

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Guest Finrussak

Please allow me to wish EVERYONE a healthy (or healthier) and sweet and peaceful New Year!!!! May we all have the blessings we ask for!

I appreciate having all of you in my life to share with, learn from and even help on occasion...this makes me truly blessed.


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Thank you for posting this!

I am definitely wishing all of us a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

Last night I listened to a wonderful special on NPR about Rosh Hashanah...

I was reminded that this is a time of renewal for both ourselves and for the world...

and a time to think about Tikkun Olam (healing of the world)...

and I thought about the ways in which this site, in its own way, helps to heal our world...by creating connections and support and compassion, as well as through its effort to educate the world about Dysautonomia...

also, I hope so much that this will be a year of renewal, health and sweetness for all of you.

I know that next year at this time Goldiedance will be enjoying her life CANCER FREE.



(hey even if you're not Jewish this is a yummy treat!)


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