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severe water retention, swelling, decrease in urination, with normal kidney function

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Ok guys i post here in a emergence because i suffer from severe ME and POTS and before i go to a german hospital i try to avoid it. 

I took last week mirtazapine 2 times, and had to switch to trazodone, for sleep, because mirtazapine caused urinary retention. 

Trazodone caused even worse urinary retention and i stopped it. But its been already 5 days without it and i cant barely pee , i drink 3 liter water, i am all over swelled and my GP just gaslighted me and told me the kidney function is OK, so i am not having a kidney faillure, and i am not swollen ( my weight ussually is 50 and i put on to 56 so yes, i am very swelled and i see it but he didnt even took the time to proof...) 

i am getting scared, i dont have family and i live with my abusive ex narcissist who wont help me, so i relly dont know what to do.

Has anyone experienced anything like this--the labs OK but urinary output reduced ? My Bladder is empty, its not a bladder problem...

please respond if you have any experience like this.


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Welcome to the forum.  I am so sorry you are having this issue--hopefully it is temporary since you stopped the medication.  Can you contact your dr again?  Tell him or her how much you are drinking and how many times a day you are urinating and volume (approx)?  Or can you call your pharmacist and see what they think? If that is not an option and it is continuing it sounds like you need to go to the hospital to get help.

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