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Forgot to warm up and injured my knees

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The old lack of executive function struck again.

I am going through another period in which I feel pretty good around midnight. I tried marching on the spot, but it’s quite a different action from normal walking, so I thought I would try jogging or running on the spot instead.

Neglected to warm up properly, and kept going for several sessions even after my knees started hurting. Now have very sore knees and can’t do any walking, let alone running.

And yet I would advise anyone else taking up a new form of exercise to warm up thoroughly beforehand and stop immediately if they felt pain.

Knees should recover in a few weeks. But in the meantime I’ll no doubt be doing lots of foolish things I will regret because I do know better!

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My knees are improving! I was getting a bit worried about how painful it was in proportion to what I did. But I was advised to rest as much as possible and it is working.

Have been able to reduce painkillers, which is a relief. I think they were giving me nausea.

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