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Anyone else get this symptom ever..


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....my primary symptom, other than the very fast heart-rate, is increasing chest discomfort. I've been given every cardiac test in the book, and those all come out crystal clear ("arteries of a teenager" and stuff like that.)

I don't get the light-headedness, but I do get that discomfort, and within a second or two of lying down, the pain all goes away. The docs say this is waaay to fast for angina - if it was that, the pain would last some period of time after lying down.

I am just curious if anyone else gets chest pain as their dominant presenting symptom. I think if this didn't happen, I wouldn't feel the need to sit or lie down as much, as it is the increasing pain that causes me to rest, not light-headedness.

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Try to see a pulmonologist for a functions test and rule out anything like COPD, Pulmonary Hyper Tension and check your lungs. I get frequent CP and they can be different from each episode. Some are sharp pinches, heaviness, prolonged stabbing pains. If I have a bronchitis flare up I can get the little pinches in the area where an Xray will show fluid.

Sometimes the Docs will call our pain "Chest wall pain". Wich can be a soreness, or intermittent sharpe pains during and after excersion. If it goes away when you lie down then that is a good sign, but prolonged pain probably should be seen in the ER for a fast diagnosis.

Good Luck


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I too get chest pain.

If you do a search you will probably find that many of us have this symptom. Just in the last week or two there was a discussion similar to this.

I hope you feel better soon.

At least know you are not alone in this but it is always best to check out each symptom and make sure it's nothing more serious.

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