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Paxil CR


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I posted at the beginning of the summer as i slowly went off of Paxil CR(I had been on it for 2 years without any disturbing side effects). (I was excited to be off a med because I feel like I'm on so many) I originally went on it because some dr's suggested that it could help my nervous system to function better, and also because I was dealing with lots of extra adrenaline and anxiety.

I was fine this summer as far as the anxiety is concerned - Overall though I felt worse than usual. I haven't slept well and had to go on a sleeping pill. I'm been much more weak and my stamina is down.

I am now going back on the Paxil CR to see if this was in fact helping my nervous system to function better.

I was hoping to be off of another medicine -- but it just seems to make sense that I try it once again to see if it really was helping me in these ways.

I'll try to keep you posted. The bright side to this is I have had a few weeks with more intense anxiety lately and these will soon go away.

Thanks for listening,


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i'm very sorry you're having a tough time. i really hope the anxiety will be better soon. it must be very difficult to try to get off of meds. (not) sleeping seems to be a big problem for a lot of us. i was so used to be awake during about 4 hours each night (i had that for about 12 years) that i felt stupified by sleeping so much lately. i wish i could send you all some of my sleep!

corina :)

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lisa -

while not with the same med, i can definitely relate to the frustration of having to go back on a med after being excited to have stopped it. unfortunately i've "been there, done that" more than a few times but also realize now that the meds i'm on are what have me functioning at any level now (not a great one, but better than bedridden & liquid-only diet which is where i'd be without my meds...)

i hope you're feeling better soon...

:huh: melissa

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Thanks for your support!

Knowing others of you are helped by similar medicines is helpful.

Also, thanks for the reminder to be thankful that I have found some meds that bring relief / help to my health situation!

Thanks again,


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Hi LaLaLisa,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Don't feel too bad. I am in the same boat as MomTo Giuliana - everytime I have tried to go off of Lexapro, I get dramatically ill. I have been on it for 2 1/2 years now. My cardio said not too be too concerned, as the dose is low (5 mg). I really do think it helps me.

Hang in there!

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