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I have been anointed and can see docs!

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I got some good news! I scored some rare initial appointments:

Hematology - early March! The scheduler actually said “This is your lucky day. The team reviewed your chart and we are prepared to accept you as a patient. Congrats!” 😂

Dysautonomia/POTS doc - Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! I got in to one of the few POTS docs in my region!!! It’s a four hour drive but that beats 12 hours to see my NYC docs.🥳 It isn’t until October, but an appointment in hand beats dozens of rejections!

Pancreatic Center of excellence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩 - Columbia University and Medical Center, date TBD, need to review records first, but wow! I mean WOW! HOPE!

ALL IN THE SAME DAY! I have been fighting for many moons and the perseverance is finally starting to pay off!

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