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Scientists discover that the vestibular system has some control over cerebral blood flow

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Summary article:


The lead scientist speculates that, as they have shown that the vestibular system can affect cerebral blood flow in healthy people, perhaps vestibular dysfunction can cause problems with cerebral blood flow.

Abstract with link to full article (available for free):


My speculation: Perhaps this could explain why vestibular therapy helps some people with their orthostatic intolerance symptoms. It could also explain why vestibular problems have been noted as a comorbidity in people with orthostatic syndromes, i.e. that the two occur together more than would be expected by chance.


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Well if true I have certain difficulties.... Having had one side of the inner ear vestibular system surgically removed it might be a cause of some of my issues. Currently enduring vestibular therapy but not hopeful of any improvement.

If they prove the link it might help convince some of the doctors about the issues because I often fall into the chasm between specialities. (Neurologist says must be ENT issue because vestibular, ENT says neurological because no ear left)

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Very interesting! It would explain a lot! 

I was lying on my couch 10 minutes ago, vitals 125/79 60 beats. Stood up and put wash in machine, about 10 minutes upright, vitals then 175/99 110 beats. Did breathing exercise, 2 minutes, vitals 120/80 65 beats. Looks like a couch lock day! 

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This is very intriguing! I might print this article for my primary neurologist.

I had a VNG that detected a significant unilateral hupofunction (50%+).

I have mild orthostatic tolerance issues, and orthostatic blood pressure issues.

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