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any ideas on why propanolol would help neck pain

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Hello again guys. I was on Toporol (sp?) and then switched to Propanol. After suffering for a year with neck pain--it was gone thanks to the propanol. From what I get-the neck pain is caused by adrenaline. Do any of you have any ideas on what causes the adrenaline to be so high? Is it just the orthostatic stress that is causing adrenaline to be high or could this be part of what is causing POTS? My urine catecomines or whatever it is have been ok.

Also, lately the propanol has not been working as good. Does your body get used to it and you have to increase your dosage? Mine is 20mg 3xs day.

there is a family history of an aunt that had to lay down and could not get up that had mvp, and seems to have similar symptoms as I do. I am trying to see what the relationship to adrenaline is because it causes me so many muscle issues. any ideas, please?? JenniferTX

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I have been taking propranolol for 2 years now and I am on the same dosage and it is still working fine.

It has decrease my muscle pain and I think it is because my muscle pain was related to the adrenaline rush.

I have high adrenaline even when I am supine but it gets really crazy when I am standing more than 2 minutes.

Nobody has figured out why I have so much adrenaline, yet!!!!!!!!! But has you know I am looking for the miracle pill.

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