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Very high 24hr urine histamine - Mast Cell?


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I have diabetic autonomic neuropathy and many other issues. I am currently being tested for possible mast cell issues, also.  My 24hr urine test for histamine was sky high. I have not had a chance to talk to my doctor about this yet, as it just came through on the lap patient portal.  I was wondering if anyone has had a similar result and, if so, what did you end up being diagnosed with?  I find myself wondering if this could be a fluke of some sort, though I was very careful to follow the directions and the report states that the results were verified by repeat testing.  I will attach a copy of the report.  Input appreciated!  Not sure if you can see the report well... The high end of normal is 65ug/24hr and my result was 33915ug/24hr. Seriously - I did not add any digits there, LOL.



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