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Varicose veins


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Hi everyone, I'm new. I would like to say that two years ago I had a classic POTS, which was gone for 4 months. But a little later I got varicose veins on my legs, and now I have the following symptoms. I'm fine to be on my feet at home, and in slippers. I normally get out of bed, but my shoes have now become heavy for me, and in warm socks I feel sick, dizzy, my blood pressure drops and my pulse accelerates. All this manifests itself in certain shoes, and in warm socks indoors. And in the heat it was. I can't understand, because it doesn't look like POTS., and how can varicose veins be related here?

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Varicose veins happen when the valves in the veins are damaged--that is my understanding.  Without working valves, the blood is not effectively forced upward and pools lower in the legs and feet.  Which is also a common occurence in many forms of POTS.  Could you be experiencing reduced blood return to your heart because of the varicose veins?

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