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My 20-year-old son has POTS which is severe - 75 beat jump on tilt and norepinephrine went up to 958. He had an ultrasound done of celiac artery and results suggest greater than 70% stenosis of celiac artery, but yet he has very few gastro issues. Getting CT soon. Anyone know anything about MALS surgery helping with POTS, or just with gastro issues?  In other words, have POTS patients with little to no gastro issues had the MALS surgery and achieved significant POTS symptoms improvement?

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Did you see this article? It looks at 31 patients with symptomatic MALS who had surgery. It seems to be saying that the patients experienced improvement in their MALS symptoms (abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting), but not in their POTS symptoms (dizziness, syncope, chest pain, palpitations).


But I imagine that people with MALS and POTS who are not having the usual MALS symptoms wouldn’t be offered MALS surgery, so there won’t be any studies on that group, unfortunately.

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