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Before POTS was called POTS

Sarah Tee

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I found this article via the reference list in a later article. The authors of the later article say that the patients described would now be considered to have POTS.


I wonder why they did volume expansion with IV albumin rather than IV saline. (Unfortunately I don’t see the full text of the article available anywhere without paying.)


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Interestingly, although the authors noted and documented orthostatic tachycardia in the 11 patients, they don’t mention it in the final descriptive sentence of the abstract:


These observations outline a syndrome of marked idiopathic hypovolemia with symptomatic labile hypertension and intolerance to head-up tilt, alleviated by volume expansion.

If they had come up with a snappy name, it might not even have mentioned tachycardia!

I wish I could read the whole paper.

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