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Kansas City doctor recs or Mayo or Cleveland clinic or somewhere else?


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Hello! New to dinet and looking for GI, Rheumatologist, Neurologist and Cardiologist and possibly Endocrinologist that are good with dysautonomia and other related health conditions. I have been diagnosed with with various disorders from all except nuerology thus far although the GI doctor doesn't have a full picture yet and may not be able to fully diagnose me. I'm also looking for a Rockstar primary care wether it be a nurse practioner or DO. Should I go to Mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic, somewhere in Texas or Colorado to name a few places I am willing to travel. Although I'd love some local kansa city doctors too.


Lastly any natural things help you with any of these types of issues? Thanks for any help!

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@izzy, there is a Facebook support group for Kansas:


If you don’t have a Facebook account, it might be worth making one just to join this group. (You can always close it again later.) Despite the occasional annoyance, I have found my local one very helpful for local knowledge of specialists.

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Welcome Izzy,

 I didn’t receive adequate care until I transferred to better docs at major university affiliated medical centers!

Don’t know if it counts as natural but drinking lots of fluids (2+ gallons) and salt (10 grams) are what has helped me the most.


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