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Where do you feel your adrenaline surges + sleep


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I find when I'm in bad flare like now I get adrenaline surges and particularly feel then surge around my kidney / adrenal area of my back, do others feel it there?

I also find the symptoms disrupt sleep causing worse surges, this is the bit that always gives me the worst issues, anyone finds any tips, tricks or hacks?  A bit of a shock to be back in this after 2 years of remission, I'm forgetting what I did to get out of this before.

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So sorry you are in a relapse after many years of feeling better.  I've been there too.

What always helps me most is fluids, salt and compression.  Smaller higher protein meals, also rich in potassium and magnesium. 

Also I find that forcing myself to at least sit upright most of the day is important.  Otherwise the OI just gets worse.

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