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Sneezing, Laughing, Coughing, Oh My!

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Haha who wants to go to the gym when you can just stand up?

*sigh* :(

Yeah I notice that too... I also get hiccups ALL the time and they do the same thing. :P

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Guest Finrussak

I get skips and even frank pauses ( heart stops dead)...wehn I cough,retch, bend overand/or crouch (esp with tight pants/jeans) or even sometimes while lying down on phone...also if I have to yell at kids...i.e. abdominal pressure ...twice it hapopened while I sang really loud to some favorite music to try to destress...

as I have been on a loop ekg monitor many many times and had the luck to "catch" a few...we now know what is happening-for me -I have a sensitive VAGAL nerve ( solar plexus...when punched midgut it can even make you pass out)...vagal makes your heart rate change, skip and lower. Actually drs tell me that when I am POTSy tachy and my heart rate goes past 120 and I start to retch...its my body trying to get the vagal reaction to lower it (sometimes it works too)

But this doesnt happen all the time...when I am inflamed/flaring with MTBI or with dysauto sx or pre menstrual...and now they say Im perimenopausal (Oh Lord) so this will get worse before better...

plus the paramedics try to use the same vagal reaction when i am very tachy...they have me hold my breath and "bear down"..causing abdominal pressure on the nerve [plus the breath holding also does something to the CO2].

which is sometimes scary as Ill never know if its also gonna cause my heart to pause....but it sure beats adenosine!!!!

[if you ever have a choice do NOT allow adenosine to be injected to "break" a tachy episode...it STOPS your heart for several seconds...you feel like a giant is squeezing it really hard and you also feel like youre gonna DIE, suffocatingly so...your heart wants to beat, your body is pumping POTSy chemicals and the drug wont let it!!!]

and for me, it didnt even break the tachy anyway...I was at 160 bpm and after it was 145...big deal...scared the beejeesus outta me!!!

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